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Case Law, Strasbourg: Pinto Coelho v. Portugal (No.2), Open Justice, Article 10 and Broadcasting recordings of hearings – Hugh Tomlinson QC

18726989_VefAtIn the case of Pinto Coelho v Portugal (No.2) ([2016] ECHR 296)(only in French) the Fourth Section of the Court of Human Rights held (by a 6:1 majority) that the imposition of a fine on a journalist who had published unauthorised audio recordings of a criminal trial was a breach of Article 10.  The case has potentially wide implications for jurisdictions such as England and Wales which continue to prohibit the transmission of recordings of criminal trials. Continue reading

Case Comment: R (Press Association) v Cambridge Crown Court – Anonymity and sexual offences – Edward Craven

Victims of rape and other serious sexual crimes are entitled to lifelong anonymity under the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1992. It is sometimes suggested that defendants in sex cases should enjoy similar protection until they are convicted at trial. However in a novel twist, a judge recently went one step further and ordered the anonymisation of a convicted rapist in order to protect the identity of his victim. Continue reading

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