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Coronavirus: calls from journalists for an end to the lockdown are out of step with public opinion – Catherine Happer

In times of crisis and widespread concern about decision-making, the public are extremely reliant on journalists to put their questions to those in power. If there was ever a time for the media to act as the fourth estate, holding power to account in the public interest, the coronavirus pandemic is it. Now, more than ever, their role is crucial in ensuring that the public mood is communicated and acted upon. Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Social Media during the Coronavirus pandemic – Peter Coe

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the very best in humanity. For instance, on the one hand, it has brought communities together: people are supporting each other in a myriad of different ways, from simply talking to neighbours who they may never have said more than a few words to prior to the outbreak of the virus, buying shopping for those who are self-isolating or vulnerable, and volunteering for the NHS and other charities. Continue reading

Litigation during lockdown: UK courts keep calm and carry on – Mathilde Groppo

When the Prime Minister announced the lockdown on 23 March 2020, the UK effectively aligned its response to the COVID-19 pandemic to that of other European countries. For litigation practitioners, this raised a number of queries relating not only to the effect this would have on their practice as a whole, but also – more pragmatically – to the effect this would have on upcoming hearings and the conduct thereof. Continue reading

Staying secure when homeworking during the coronavirus pandemic – Ali Vaziri

Viruses do not just infect organic lifeforms such as humans. They, and other types of malware, can also affect our digital lives. While the world faces a public health emergency leaving organisations with little choice but urgently to introduce or scale up homeworking arrangements, opportunist cyber criminals are exploiting the crisis by increasingly using the coronavirus (COVID-19) as an attack vector. Continue reading

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