News International closes Phone Hacking Compensation Scheme – Steven Heffer

6 02 2013

Sir Charles GrayNews International announced on Thursday 31 January 2013 that it will close down the Voicemail Interception Compensation Scheme (“the Scheme”) set up for News of the World phone hacking victims, just 14 months after it was launched.  The announcement says that phone hacking claims will not be considered for the Scheme after 8 April, meaning the only remedy will be more civil claims through the courts. Read the rest of this entry »

News: News International to close Phone Hacking Compensation Scheme in April

1 02 2013

News of the WorldNews International, also now known as NI Group, has just announced that its Compensation Scheme for victims of mobile phone interception is to close in April 2013.  The Scheme has been in operation since April 2011.  Compensation is assessed by former High Court Judge, Sir Charles Gray.  The announcement is in the following terms: Read the rest of this entry »

The Future of Phone Hacking Claims, the position updated – Steven Heffer

26 06 2012

In a post published on Inforrm on 14 November 2011, I discussed the current state of the Voicemail Interception Litigation (“the Litigation”) and the proposed new Voicemail Interception Compensation Scheme (“the Scheme”). This post seeks to bring matters up to date.

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