Facebook’s newsfeed changes: a disaster or an opportunity for news publishers? – Charlie Beckett

24 01 2018

Social media and digital executives in newsrooms already have a tough job connecting their content to consumers via social media, but Facebook’s proposed changes in the algorithms of its ‘newsfeed’ are going to make it a lot harder. Social networks offer immense opportunities for reaching vast new audiences and increasing the engagement of users with journalism. The most important platform in the world is about to make that more difficult. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: The Real World Strikes Back, why Charlie Beckett is wrong about statute and regulation – Hugh Tomlinson QC

25 11 2012

In a powerful piece on this blog, Charlie Beckett has argued strongly against what he calls “statutory newspaper regulation” and, with evident reluctance, has backed the “evil empire” of the British press. In this post I will argue that he is unrealistic and wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: Revenge of the Evil Empire and why I’m backing Darth Vader: my case against statutory newspaper regulation – Charlie Beckett

24 11 2012

It seems that like cockroaches, British newspapers can survive the nuclear explosion of phone-hacking, plummeting sales, vapourised advertising revenue,  a variety of police investigations leading to multiple arrests, and the most searing, gob-smackingly revelatory investigation of their practice, ethics and purpose by a judge. Read the rest of this entry »