Press regulation: the international aspect – Carl Gardner

28 03 2013

International PressAn exchange in Monday’s House of Lords debate on the new press regulation clauses in the Crime and Courts Bill revealed a little-noticed – and no doubt to some, astonishing – aspect of the proposed system: it covers foreign publishers. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson: Why press regulation should cover blogs – Carl Gardner

25 03 2013

BlogIn a recent post on the Head of Legal blog, I said I was worried that the press self-regulation scheme agreed by the main political parties (and to be underpinned by a Royal Charter and two pieces of legislation) would not offer bloggers what it offers the press. Let me explain my worries – and why I think every type of blog should be included. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson, Julie Burchill, free speech and the Lynne Featherstone clause – Carl Gardner

15 01 2013

lynne-featherstoneOn 14 January 2013 the Observer decided to delete the online version of an article by Julie Burchill printed in its edition last Sunday, together with readers’ comments on it, most of which were critical. It also apologised for publishing the piece. But you can read it on Toby Young’s Telegraph blog, where it’s since been republished.

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Opinion: “We must have statutory regulation – and liberation – of the press” – Carl Gardner

29 11 2012

If you’re interested in legally minded reports about how the press should be regulated, then there’s something you should read before tomorrow. Sir David Calcutt QC’s 1993 Review of Press Self-Regulation is worth another look, nearly twenty years on. Read the rest of this entry »