Bloggers Beware – Clare Brown

18 02 2015

BLOGBlogs and their related video based versions ‘vlogs’ remain a popular way for individuals, organisations, and companies to communicate with others. Blogs are often linked to other networks, such as Twitter or LinkedIn; new content can be promoted to followers and friends. It takes minimal effort to produce a professional looking blog and generate a number of regular readers. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson: Why press regulation should cover blogs – Carl Gardner

25 03 2013

BlogIn a recent post on the Head of Legal blog, I said I was worried that the press self-regulation scheme agreed by the main political parties (and to be underpinned by a Royal Charter and two pieces of legislation) would not offer bloggers what it offers the press. Let me explain my worries – and why I think every type of blog should be included. Read the rest of this entry »

Let the Judges Blog – Adam Wagner

20 08 2012

The legal blogosphere has recently been aflame with the news, first published on a magistrate’s blog, that the Senior Presiding Judge has sent new guidance [pdf] to judges banning them from blogging in their judicial capacity. The Senior President Judge has also threatened disciplinary action unless they remove existing content which breaches the new rules. Read the rest of this entry »