Case Law: R (Commissioner of Police) v Chairman of the Inquiry into the Death of Azelle Rodney, lawyers can see surveillance film footage – Rosalind English

17 10 2012

R (on the application of the Metropolitan Police Service) v the Chairman of the Inquiry into the Death of Azelle Rodney and Interested Parties ([2012] EWHA 2783 (Admin)).  The public inquiry into the death of Azelle Rodney, which commenced in 2010, was still under way when it was interrupted by the present dispute. It concerned the issue whether police surveillance footage taken from the air, showing Azelle Rodney’s movements in the two hours before his death, should be disclosed to the legal team representing his mother at the Inquiry. Read the rest of this entry »

How open is the Azelle Rodney Inquiry? – Judith Townend

6 09 2012

Seven years after Azelle Rodney was shot dead, following an operation by the Metropolitan Police, a Public Inquiry chaired by Sir Christopher Holland, is hearing full oral evidence to ascertain the circumstances in which he died and to make appropriate recommendations. According to the charity INQUEST, it is the first time in England that an inquiry has been set up to establish how a person came to their death, replacing the role of the inquest. Additionally, it says, the case “has been complicated due to sensitive evidence relating to the police operation“. Read the rest of this entry »