Re Al M: an oasis of transparency in a desert of secrets – Athalie Matthews

18 03 2020

There was never going to be anything ordinary about a custody battle between the billionaire ruler of Dubai and a Jordanian Princess. Read the rest of this entry »

The burger giant, the CEO and the minced reputation: are office relationships now off the menu? – Athalie Matthews

14 12 2019

The recent sacking of McDonald’s chief executive Steve Easterbrook for having a consensual relationship with a female colleague has shown that an office dalliance can fry your reputation as well as your bank balance. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: Fearn and the Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery, Emanations of the Tate, a “self induced incentive to gaze” is not nuisance – Athalie Matthews

28 02 2019

In the recent case of Fearn v  The Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery ([2019] EWHC 246 (Ch)) the High Court analysed privacy rights from a novel perspective in both literal and legal terms. Read the rest of this entry »

Afghan wins refuge from Daily Express – Athalie Matthews

3 02 2014

Judges ExpressThe business of the law can tend to harden the heart – but every now and then a case comes along that drives off the spectre of compassion fatigue. This was the effect of a recent libel claim in which I obtained substantial damages and published apologies for a 20-year-old Afghan refugee, Abdul Shizad, who – despite being entirely alone in the UK and having limited English – had the courage to sue the Daily Express, which had falsely accused him of being a “Taliban Suspect”.

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La Regina Nuda and Italian Privacy Law – Athalie Matthews and Giacomo Parmigiani

26 09 2012

So Kate and Wills have now jetted back from the South Pacific and are lying low after French Closer published topless pictures of the Duchess under the headline “OH MY GOD!” and other publications followed suit. Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Richard Peppiatt, One Rogue Reporter – Athalie Matthews

19 07 2012

When Richard Peppiatt resigned from the Daily Star in March 2011 he decried its racist and prurient agenda in a brilliantly written resignation letter to Richard Desmond who was reliably informed of the “cascade of shit pirouetting from [his] penthouse office, caking each layer of management, splattering all in between”.

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Book Review: “Privacy and Libel Law – The Clash with Press Freedom, by Paul Tweed” – Athalie Matthews

7 07 2012

Scrolling down Bloomsbury Professional’s ‘recently published’ list shows a 2012 output of weighty manuals on unsexy subjects such as corporate insolvency, VAT Acts, land registration and tax tables. Little wonder then that this independent publisher, which took over Tottel in 2009, will have been keen to get its hands on something it could market as a contemporary panorama of the dramatic goings on in the media law landscape. Hence the cover photo of a ‘Papparazi’ and publicity trumpeting it as “extremely topical”. Read the rest of this entry »

Inforrm appoints a Reviews Editor

6 07 2012

In order to improve our media and law coverage, Inforrm has decided to appoint a Reviews Editor to co-ordinate our coverage. We intend to carry reviews of new books and online publications in the media and law fields and to preview and review events which are of interest to our readers. Read the rest of this entry »