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The Court of Appeal decision in Banks v Cadwalladr. Inference of serious harm in the context of online publications past their peak and after the public interest defence falls away – Mark Hanna

There has been previous comment here on the various stages of Banks v Cadwalladr, and the facts have been well-stated. However, there has so far been no comment on the substantive decision of the Court of Appeal in the case. This post aims to fill the gap. There is a lot going on in the Court of Appeal’s decision. It brings some clarity to novel issues like the judicial definition of SLAPPs, the meaning of ‘echo chamber’ for the purpose of s 1 of the 2013 Act, and the need to reassess serious harm once the public interest defence falls away. Continue reading

Case Report: Banks v Cadwalladr, Day 2, Claimant and Defendant cross-examined

On, 17 January 2022, the second day of the libel trial in the case of Banks v Cadwalladr, Mrs Justice Steyn heard evidence from both the claimant and the defendant.  The cross-examination of the claimant, Arron Banks, by Gavin Millar QC concluded in the morning.  The afternoon was taken up by the beginning of what promises to be a lengthy cross-examination of the defendant, Carole Cadwalladr, by William McCormick QC. Continue reading

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