Staying secure when homeworking during the coronavirus pandemic – Ali Vaziri

31 03 2020

Viruses do not just infect organic lifeforms such as humans. They, and other types of malware, can also affect our digital lives. While the world faces a public health emergency leaving organisations with little choice but urgently to introduce or scale up homeworking arrangements, opportunist cyber criminals are exploiting the crisis by increasingly using the coronavirus (COVID-19) as an attack vector. Read the rest of this entry »

ICO ‘dispenses’ its first GDPR fine – Ali Vaziri

2 02 2020

You’d be forgiven for missing it: while the rest of us were busily hanging tinsel and counting down the days to Christmas on our advent calendars, the ICO handed down its first GDPR fine – in the sum of £275,000 – to Doorstep Dispensaree (DD), a provider of pharmacy services to care homes. Read the rest of this entry »

The Law, the ‘Outlaws’ and Ad Tech’s O.K. Corral – Ali Vaziri

29 06 2019

Programmatic advertising is often likened by commentators to the Wild West: some because they consider it to be a lawless place where anything goes; others because it pushes boundaries and is creating a new frontier. Read the rest of this entry »