Is this the best human rights correction ever or the worst? – Adam Wagner

29 09 2014

screen-shot-2014-09-29-at-13-11-53Even by the usual brazen standards of human rights reporting, this correction  which was published today by The Daily Mail stands out: Read the rest of this entry »

The Sun’s aggressive, then submissive, response to my complaint on its human rights reporting – Adam Wagner

17 09 2014

Sun CorrectionThe Sun have printed another correction today in relation to its misleading human rights reporting. The correction, on page 2, can be read online or to the right of this post.

The correction was the outcome of a complaint I made about this article – I posted on it here. The main part of the correction relates to the entirely false claim that “The European Court stopped a British judge imposing a whole-life tariff on Ian McLoughlin”.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Sun just keeps getting it wrong on human rights – Adam Wagner

6 08 2014

sun-wrong-againWith the May 2015 General Election looming, the battle for the future of human rights in the UK is hotting up. The Prime Minister has just sacked his long-standing Attorney General apparently because he disagreed with a mooted Tory manifesto policy which would, he rightly suggested, breach the UK’s international law obligations. Read the rest of this entry »

Too little too late as Daily Mail “corrects” bogus human rights splash – Adam Wagner

14 11 2013

screen-shot-2013-10-12-at-21-11-11The Daily Mail has belatedly “corrected” its front page story on human rights damages, over a month after it appeared on 7 October 2013. Early last month I blogged on  the original bogus article, which was so poor it generated a response from the ordinarily placid Council of Europe. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sun gets PCC reprimand and publishes correction for misleading on European human rights – Adam Wagner

1 07 2013

bcv-h7pcmaa_lnq-large-2Remember Inhuman Rights, The Sun’s garbled reporting of this Court of Appeal decision on Criminal Record Bureau checks? In February, I wrote this: No, The Sun, the Human Rights Act is not the EU. My complaint was about the headline, which screamed “Now  EU could let fiends like him prey on your children“. This was obvious nonsense, since the judgment had nothing to do with the EU. Read the rest of this entry »

The fundamental right to insult our leaders: Three worrying cases in France, the West Bank and right here – Adam Wagner

22 03 2013

mahmoud-abbas1Comparing different countries’ legal systems is a dangerous game, but three cases came to light last week which beg to be compared. The criminalisation of criticising political leaders has always been a hallmark of illiberal societies, and it seems that the tradition is still going strong today: in France, the West Bank and the UK too.

First, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that a man should not have been convicted of a criminal offence for waving a placard at (as he was then) President Sarkozy reading “Casse toi pov’con” (“Get lost, you sad prick”). Read the rest of this entry »

Public insults to be legalised but grossly offensive messages still criminal – Adam Wagner

20 01 2013

twitter-logo-uk-human-rights-blogSection 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, which outlaws the use of “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour” will be amended to remove the word ‘insulting’. The amendment is the result of a successful, high-profile campaign which asked “Do we really need the police and the courts to deal with insults?” Read the rest of this entry »

Let the Judges Blog – Adam Wagner

20 08 2012

The legal blogosphere has recently been aflame with the news, first published on a magistrate’s blog, that the Senior Presiding Judge has sent new guidance [pdf] to judges banning them from blogging in their judicial capacity. The Senior President Judge has also threatened disciplinary action unless they remove existing content which breaches the new rules. Read the rest of this entry »