Disclosure of Politicians’ Tax Returns and Freedom of Expression: drawing on the Indian experience – Hugh Tomlinson QC

11 04 2012

The disclosure by the London Mayoral candidates of their tax returns has led to a wider debate about tax disclosure by politicians.  The Chancellor, George Osborne, has said he would be “very happy” for the government to consider publishing the personal tax returns of senior cabinet ministers.  The Prime Minister has said he is “very relaxed” about publishing his tax returns and believes the “time is coming” for politicians to be more open about their personal finances. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Comment: Sawant v Times Global Broadcasting Limited – an extraordinary award of compensatory damages by an Indian court

27 11 2011

We had a post last week about the extraordinary defamation case of Sawant v Times Global Broadcasting Co Ltd – where a petition for stay was recently rejected by the Supreme Court.  We have now located a copy of the Judgment [pdf] of the Judge of Pune District Court, V K Desmukh, in which she awarded the plaintiff, retired Indian Supreme Court justice, Parshuram Babaram Sawant, the sum of Rs 100 crore (£12 million).  Read the rest of this entry »

Freedom of expression: Indian media organisations condemn £12 million defamation damages award to retired judge

19 11 2011

Serious questions about the compatibility of law of defamation in India with the right to freedom of expression have been raised by a remarkable case in which damages of £12.5 million (Rs 100 crore that is, Rs 1 billion) were awarded to a retired Supreme Court judge over a television broadcast. Read the rest of this entry »