Case Law, France: Julie Gayet v Closer, Privacy damages awarded against French tabloid – Alexia Bedat

28 03 2014

gayetThe tribunal de Nanterre ordered yesterday that Closer pay the French actress Julie Gayet €15,000 in damages for breach of privacy. The full judgment is available here in French. Read the rest of this entry »

Presidential affair: a close friend, a Closer enemy – Alexia Bedat

14 01 2014

Une-Closer-Hollande-GayetIt is no longer a rumour, just the truth. For the past six months, François Hollande has been meeting the actress, Julie Gayet, in her second home, nestled in a street adjacent to the Elysée.” So began the seven-page exclusive published by the notorious French tabloid Closer last Friday (10 January 2014). Read the rest of this entry »

Privacy: the French President, the Actress and the Public Interest

13 01 2014

Closer PhotoOn 10 January 2014, the French celebrity magazine Closer (which has on its masthead “les stars et les news people en live”) published a seven page special edition entitled “L’amour secret du President“. It claimed that French President, François Hollande, was having a secret affair with actor Julie Gayet.  Read the rest of this entry »

Google go down in Paris: how did it come to this? – Dominic Crossley

13 11 2013

Google-logoLet’s get the declarations out of the way from the outset.  I act for Max Mosley and acted for him in his successful case against the News of the World in 2008. Furthermore I have worked with him across a huge number of jurisdictions to address online publications of the images taken from the News of the World website and immediately disseminated across the world.  Read the rest of this entry »

News: French President’s Partner Awarded Privacy Damages over “Three in a Relationship” Case

14 06 2013

frondeuseThe partner of the French President, Valerie Trierweiler, has won a privacy claim against the authors and the publisher of the book La Frondeuse (“The Rebellious One”). On 5 June 2013, the 17th Civil Chamber of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris ordered the authors and publishers to pay the sum of €10,000. The magazine Point de Vue was also ordered to pay €3,000 in damages.  Ms Trierweiler’s spokesman said the damages would be donated to charity. Read the rest of this entry »