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Libel: Preliminary Issue Meaning Trials: Where are we now?- Emma Foubister

The removal of the right to jury trial in defamation cases by the Defamation Act 2013 has meant that the Courts can determine issues such as meaning as preliminary issues at an early stage. While preliminary issue trials on meaning have now become the norm, the issues and practices that surround them are far from settled. This post considers some recent trends and issues that have arisen in practice. Continue reading

Gaps in UK regulation of online platforms make it difficult to tackle systemic issues: here are some ways we can fix this – Garfield Benjamin

Regulating online platforms has proven difficult, and not only due to the overused idea that technology moves faster than law. It often boils down to an unwillingness by policy-makers to tackle the underlying systemic issues of big tech, exacerbated by active lobbying by the tech industry, and the myth that ‘innovation first, regulation later’ will ever work. Continue reading

Supreme Court of Canada Answers Questions about Ontario’s Anti-SLAPP Test, Raises More about Qualified Privilege – Iris Fischer, Kaley Pulfer, and Justin Manoryk

Five years after “anti-SLAPP” legislation in Ontario, Canada (the “anti-SLAPP law”) was enacted, the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) has weighed in to provide much-needed guidance in an area hampered by uncertainty. The anti-SLAPP law is aimed at discouraging claims that unduly limit expression on matters of public interest and reducing “libel chill”. It provides a route for defendants to seek to have claims involving such expression dismissed at an early stage. Continue reading

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