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Inforrm: Easter Break

The Hilary legal term ended on Wednesday 31 March 2021 and the Easter term does not begin until Tuesday 13 April 2021.  The High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court are on “vacation” over this period and Inforrm is taking a short Easter break.  We will resume with a weekly round up on 12 April 2021. Continue reading

Free speech on campus: universities need to create ‘safe but critical’ spaces for debate, here’s how they can do it – Alison Scott-Baumann and Simon Perfect

The issue of free speech in universities continues to plague UK campuses. Earlier this year, the government announced “landmark proposals” to tackle the issue, including appointing a “free speech tsar” and giving the Office for Students powers to sanction institutions deemed to be doing too little to promote free speech and academic freedom. Continue reading

Platform Content Moderation: Some Humility about Transparency – Daphne Keller

I am a huge fan of transparency about platform content moderation. I’ve considered it a top policy priority for years, and written about it in detail (with Paddy Leerssen, who also wrote this great piece about recommendation algorithms and transparency). I sincerely believe that without it, we are unlikely to correctly diagnose current problems or arrive at wise legal solutions. Continue reading

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