David Cameron’s Charter opens the way for ministers to control the press – Brian Cathcart

16 03 2013

LetwinHere’s a paradox: with vital votes due in Parliament on Monday, the people who run our biggest national newspapers are backing a press regulation system in which serving cabinet ministers would have a legal right to meddle whenever they liked. Read the rest of this entry »

Texas Bill Would Allow Publishers to Correct or Retract Content to Avoid Damages – Jillian Stonecipher

16 03 2013

texasccTexas State Representative Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi, has proposed a “retraction statute” that, if passed, will protect journalists both online and offline and promote truth and efficiency both in and out of court.

The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas and the Texas Press Association assisted Hunter in drafting Texas House Bill 1759 (HB 1759), which would require a prospective plaintiff to give a publisher an opportunity to correct, clarify, or withdraw false content before filing a defamation lawsuit. Read the rest of this entry »