News: Conditional Fees – the Government Responds to the Consultation

29 03 2011

The Government has published its “Response to proposals for reform of civil litigation funding and costs in England and Wales”. It has decided to implement the reforms to no win no fee conditional fee agreements (CFAs), proposed as a package of measures by Lord Justice Jackson.   Under these proposals “success fees” and “After the Event” (ATE) insurance premiums will no longer be recoverable from the other party to litigation.  Instead, any success fee will be paid by the CFA funded party.  Read the rest of this entry »

Defamation Update: Part 1 – Heather Rogers QC

29 03 2011

Libel reform is in the air.  The Government’s Draft Defamation Bill was released on 15 March 2011.  The purpose of this post, which will be three parts, is to note some of the key cases over the last twelve months or so in England and Wales.

Defamation claims – some data

The number of libel claims started in 2009 was 298, up 15 from 284 in 2008. The Read the rest of this entry »

News: Awdry Bailey & Douglas v Kordowski – another “Solicitors from Hell” case

29 03 2011

Summary judgment was entered yesterday against Mr Rick Kordowski in another “Solicitors from Hell” case yesterday.  The Devizes firm of Awdry, Bailey and Douglas and the head of its family law department, Adrian Bressington, applied for summary judgment and to strike out Mr Kordowski’s defence.  Read the rest of this entry »