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News: Government Abandons Leveson Part Two, Sir Brian Leveson “fundamentally disagrees”

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Matt Hancock, told Parliament today that the Government was formally closing the Leveson Inquiry. 

The Government published its response to the Consultation on the Leveson Inquiry and its implementation.  As well as abandoing Leveson Part Two, Mr Hancock indicated that it would move to repeal section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013.

What Mr Hancock did not make clear was that the Inquiry Chairman, Sir Brian Leveson, fundamentally disagreed with the Government’s position on Leveson Part Two (he said that, as a serving Judge he could not comment on section 40).

In a devastating letter of 23 January 2018, Sir Brian demolishes each one of the Government (and press) arguments against Leveson Part 2.

He points out, in particular

Sir Brian concludes

“I have no doubt that there is still a legitimate expectation on behalf of the public and, in particular, the alleged victims of phone hacking and other unlawful conduct, that there will be a full public examination of the circumstances that allowed that behaviour to develop and clear reassurances that nothing of the same scale could occur again: that is what they were promised”.