The 2017-2018 legal year in England and Wales ended last week. The Inforrm blog is now taking a summer break until the end of September. We thank all our readers and contributors who have supported us over the past year. Posting will continue over the summer but will not be as regular as usual. 

We have now had nearly 4.5 million page views since since February 2010.  There have been over 4,400 posts from dozens of different contributors.

Over the past eight years we have sought to cover the full range of media and law issues – from the “libel reform” debate, through “super injunction spring” and phone hacking firestorm” into issues of media regulation and the impact of the Defamation Act 2013 and the “right to delist”.

A number of important media law cases have been decided by the English courts in the past 12 months including

All these and many other media and law stories have been extensively covered on Inforrm over the past year. The top ten posts of the past 12 months were as follows:

Please let us know if there you think that are any other topics that we should be covering on Inforrm.