Where now for media reform in the UK? – Damian Tambini

11 01 2017

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The Leveson Catch 22: responsibility for delivering tough regulation of the press and a new framework on media ownership lay with a Parliament and a government that reformers agreed was under the boot of the press and therefore unlikely to deliver them.  Leveson himself worried about the ‘megaphone’ with which the press could influence policy debate. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland: Reform of the law of defamation – the defence of fair and reasonable publication – Eoin O’Dell

11 01 2017

hurdlesSection 26 of the Defamation Act 2009 (also here) introduced a new defence of fair and reasonable publication into Irish defamation law. In Meegan v Times Newspapers Ltd[2016] IECA 327 (09 November 2016) Hogan J for the Court of Appeal (Finlay Geoghegan and Peart JJ concurring) explained that the Read the rest of this entry »

A Response to the Leveson Consultation, Part 6: The Public Benefits of Section 40 – Brian Cathcart

11 01 2017

LevesonThis is the sixth part of a response to the government consultation which concluded today.  It deals with the benefits of Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013 for the public and the press. Read the rest of this entry »