Opinion: Why PressBoF’s charter petition had to be binned – Brian Cathcart

9 10 2013

RoyalCharter700wNewspaper bosses squeal in sham anguish, but they knew better than anyone that their petition for a Royal Charter was never likely to be more than a spoiling manoeuvre, and that in the end it would have to be binned.

On every level it was an inadequate document, so that if it had been a school exam paper, even the most sympathetic teacher would have had to fail it. Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s a Journalist? Closing in on a Definition – Thomas Kent

9 10 2013

JournalistThe debate over “who’s a journalist” is getting more urgent. Fortunately, the outlines of a definition are becoming clearer. Might some basic ethical tests help in further drawing the lines?

Once mainly a subject for navel-gazing at journalism conventions, the defining-a-journalist debate has now moved dramatically into the field of law. Most recently, the U.S. Senate has grappled with the question in drafting a media shield law to protect journalists’ confidential sources. Read the rest of this entry »