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Day: 7 July 2013

The Royal Charter, the wait goes on – Brian Cathcart

RoyalCharter700wIt is an ugly spectacle: a Cabinet minister being pushed around in public by a powerful and unscrupulous vested interest. But that seems to be what is happening to Maria Miller, the secretary of state for culture, media and sport – and she is not putting up much of a fight.

On Thursday she announced that she would give precedence to the wishes of PressBoF, an organisation of newspaper bosses roundly condemned in the Leveson Report, over the wishes of every single party in our elected Parliament, as expressed in a formal motion on 18 March. Continue reading

Case Law, Australia: Cronulla-Sutherland District Rugby League Football Club Ltd v Nationwide News Pty Ltd, Cronulla’s legal advice on ASADA kept confidential – Justin Castelan

Cronulla SharksThe biggest news in Australian sport this year has been the investigation by the Australian Crime Commission and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) into the alleged use by athletes and members of sporting teams of peptides and similar so-called alleged performance enhancing products. Continue reading

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