‘The elephant next door’: new report on media ownership abroad – Media Reform Coalition

6 03 2013

media-reform coalitionThe Media Reform Coalition has published a new report on media ownership and plurality laws from across the world – in the belief that Britain has something to learn from them.

The report, titled ‘The Elephant Next Door: a survey of international media ownership regulations’, summarises the broad international support that exists for plurality laws, and then examines regulations from across the world on national, local, foreign and cross-media holdings. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson, the Press and the Separation of Powers – Jacob Rowbottom

6 03 2013

jacob.rowbottomLast Friday I heard Lord Hoffmann give the annual Neill lecture in Oxford, talking about the separation of powers. One of his points was that there had been too much fuss about the ‘breaches’ of the separation of powers that existed prior to the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. Lord Hoffmann argued that the old role of the Lord Chancellor sitting in Cabinet did not threaten judicial independence. Read the rest of this entry »