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Day: 21 February 2013

Case Law: Tamiz v Google Inc, Google may be a common law publisher – Gervase de Wilde

createblogThe Court of Appeal’s decision in Tamiz v Google Inc ([2013] EWCA Civ 68) comes at a moment when defamation on the internet is in the spotlight. It has been ‘the elephant in the room’ during the Leveson inquiry, it is being considered in relation to this year’s Defamation Bill, and has recently been the subject of decisions by Commonwealth courts which have diverged from the established position in England and Wales. The judgment is the first time the Court of Appeal has considered the topic. Continue reading

Hilary Mantel and the Duchess: a case of Royal libel? – Owen O’Rorke

Hilary Mantel and the Duchess of CambridgeThe rule of thumb that the Royals don’t sue is not a matter of strict legal advice (Prince Charles has seen to that) – but it is trite law that dead Royals don’t sue, and certainly not in defamation cases. Hilary Mantel may be safe from a writ from Anne Boleyn or Princess Diana, but could she expect a claim from the Duchess of Cambridge – assuming she is a living legal person, and not a plastic doll? Continue reading

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