Case Law: Rocknroll v News Group, privacy injunction granted against the “Sun” – Mark Thomson

18 01 2013

Mr Justice Briggs

On 17 January 2013, Mr Justice Briggs in the Chancery Division handed down judgment in Rocknroll v NGN ([2013] EWHC 24 (Ch)) explaining his decision to grant an interim injunction to restrain the Sun from publishing photographs of the claimant which had appeared on a Facebook page.  The injunction was granted to restrain the misuse of private information and to prevent the infringement of the copyright in the photographs. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveson: Dinosaurs at Bay – Tim Gopsill

18 01 2013

website_dinosuarstimmo_editThis post originally appeared in “Free Press” , the Journal of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and is reproduced with permission and thanks.

When Steve Bell launched his long-running Guardian cartoon strip “If…” in 1981, one early episode was titled “If … dinosaurs roamed Fleet Street”. It showed the beasts marauding up the street, laying waste to newspaper offices and all in their path.

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