Hacked Off objects to implementation of Leveson by Royal Charter

18 12 2012

royal_charterHacked Off, and the victims of press abuses for which it speaks, have three principled objections to the use of a Royal Charter instead of legislation in relation to the underpinning of a regulatory recognition body.

1. It is undemocratic. This is a shameless recourse to the royal prerogative when democratic, parliamentary means are available – and would be far more credible and appropriate given what is at stake. This is happening for no other reason than to accommodate editors and proprietors – the very editors and proprietors who stand convicted by a public inquiry both of “wreaking havoc in the lives of innocent people” and of concealing their wrongdoing behind the facade of a sham regulator. The political process is thus bowing down to the power of a press which has been found to operate far too often against the public interest.

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Leveson Report: Distortion of the debate – Edward Craven

18 12 2012

leveson-inquiry-distortedConfusion and obfuscation are distorting the debate about the future of press regulation in the UK. At the heart of this distortion lie misunderstandings – and in some cases intentional misrepresentations – of what the Leveson Report actually recommends. As a result, advocates on both sides are arguing at cross-purposes, while the substance of the Leveson proposals is in danger of being drowned out by a welter of misinformation. Read the rest of this entry »