The Duchess of Cambridge, the Hoax Telephone Call – was this a Data Protection Offence?

8 12 2012

The hoax telephone call to the King Edward VII Hospital in which two DJ’s blagged private information about the Duchess of Cambridge has become the main item on the news today after the apparent suicide of the nurse who was duped by the call. The Australian radio station, 2Day FM, whose DJs were responsible for the call told the “Daily Telegraph” that “it had not broken any laws“.  But, as pointed out by Dr Chris Pounder on the Hawktalk blog the position under the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”) has not been considered. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia: Another unreasonable step for qualified privilege – David Rolph

8 12 2012

gazetteAre Australian courts steadily subverting free speech? Media law academic Dr David Rolph thinks the High Court’s recent introduction of reasonableness into the defence of qualified privilege is another incremental step in the wrong direction.

Over the past few years, there have been concerns about real or perceived threats to freedom of speech in Australia. Read the rest of this entry »