Case Law: RFU v Viagogo, Norwich Pharmacal Jurisdiction Re-Stated – Louise Lambert

27 11 2012

The recent judgment of the Supreme Court inThe Rugby Football Union v Consolidated Information Services Limited (formerly Viagogo Limited) [2012] UKSC 55 provides a forceful restatement by the highest authority in this jurisdiction of the court’s power to grant third party disclosure orders under the principle originally laid down by the House of Lords in Norwich Pharmacal Co v Customs & Excise Commissioners [1974] AC 133.

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Internet Libel, Part 2: A new streamlined procedure for declaratory relief? – Ashley Hurst

27 11 2012

The Government has recognised when drafting clause 5 of the Defamation Bill that there is a need for individuals and companies to be able to complain effectively to internet intermediaries in respect of libellous content but that internet intermediaries need greater protection from liability for content for which they are not responsible. However, as discussed in the first part of this post, in trying to strike a balance between claimants’ reputations and freedom of speech, perhaps the most difficult issue is how to deal with anonymity. Read the rest of this entry »