The real fifth column: News International – Brian Cathcart

18 11 2012

It is a marvel of hypocrisy for the Sunday Times to attempt to worry its readers about a ‘fifth column’ in the British establishment that is supposedly led by Sir David Bell, an adviser to the Leveson Inquiry.

If the Sunday Times was really interested in those exercising secret influences over important institutions, it would surely be writing about a foreign-owned company that has long enjoyed direct and unrecorded access to successive prime ministers and is also alleged (by the police themselves) to have corrupted police officers. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law, Australia: Trkulja v Yahoo! – damages awarded against search engine operator – Polly Wilkins

18 11 2012

In the case of Trkulja v Yahoo! Inc LLC & Anor ([2012] VSC 88), after the jury had made findings on liability, Kaye J awarded damages of Aus$225,000 against the search engine Yahoo!  The case is of considerable general interest.  It deals with publication by an internet search engine provider and the factors to be taken into account when assessing damages where the alleged defamation concerns criminal acts.  Read the rest of this entry »