Case Law, Strasbourg: Peta Deutschland v Germany, the only people really not allowed to mention the Holocaust – Rosalind English

14 11 2012

Peta Deutschland v Germany  (No. 43481/09) Referring to the concentration camps has become an offence on a par with holocaust denial, it seem, in certain contexts.

In 2004 the applicant animal welfare association planned to start an advertising campaign under the head “The Holocaust on your plate”. Read the rest of this entry »

The Free Speech Network: Corporate Media Close Ranks – Justin Schlosberg

14 11 2012

The Free Speech Network has emerged as a megaphone in defence of the status quo of media regulation. Its arguments reflect the double-speak and distortion in much of the editorial coverage foregrounding the Leveson Inquiry. This article attempts to untangle the myths and omissions which characterise the ‘hands off our press’ mantra.

The Free Speech Network has adopted a widely-used Churchillian quote on their homepage: Read the rest of this entry »