Another Candle in the Wind for Sir Elton – Stephen Collins

2 11 2012

Sir Elton John recently lost his defamation action against The Times … Lawyer for the paper Stephen Collins looks at the summary judgment and at the star’s libel law legacy.

Sir Elton John will be remembered for many things: a musical career spanning decades, tireless campaigning for charities, dubious fashion sense, spats with other superstars and being active in the gay rights movement. Read the rest of this entry »

Hacked Off: Tall Tales and Desperate Arguments

2 11 2012

It is a tribute to the imagination of those behind the campaign to smother Leveson at birth that so many major news stories can in some way be twisted to the industry’s advantage. Jimmy Savile’s vile abuses? They would never have been uncovered if the press had been manacled to statutory legislation, thundered the Daily Mail. Never mind that Savile was exposed not by the press but by ITV, a tightly regulated broadcaster. Read the rest of this entry »