Hacked Off: 77% of the public can’t be wrong twice, can they?

25 10 2012

There’s new evidence of a widening gulf between what the public wants to see following Leveson – and the preferred outcome of the newspapers themselves. A poll commissioned by the Carnegie Trust and the thinktank, Demos, has found that 77 per cent of the public want the PCC scrapped in favour of a new independent press regulator. Read the rest of this entry »

State of Media Freedom in South Africa, Part 2, the Courts and Media Freedom – Dario Milo

25 10 2012

This is the second part  of a speech delivered on Press Freedom day, 19 October 2012 at Wits University.  The first part was posted on Wednesday 24 October 2012.  The third part will be posted later this week

When you examine the media freedom jurisprudence of our courts in recent years, what is striking is how far we have come in quite a short space of time. Read the rest of this entry »