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Day: 11 October 2012

Privacy, Lessons from 1890 – Richard Ridyard

In an age of modern technology, a world of globalisation and with the spotlight firmly fixed on the Leveson Inquiry it is a simple mistake to forget the value of something written in 1890. I said simple, not forgivable.  The current situation media law finds itself is similar to the position of financial regulation. Both are highly complex and rest upon a careful balancing act, making reform difficult in both areas. Continue reading

The Many Mythologies of Press Freedom, Part 2, Media Self-Censorship – Julian Petley

The Sun is far from alone in attacking other media organisations, but newspapers routinely calling for the censorship of other media is a paradoxical and extremely distasteful sight.  It is one which casts a good deal of doubt on the sincerity of their demands before the Leveson Inquiry that press freedom must be protected above all else. Press freedom is but one aspect of media freedom in general, and if newspapers cannot see that there is the starkest of contradictions in calling for their own freedom (self-circumscribed though it is) to be defended whilst bawling for the censorship of other media, then the clock really has struck thirteen. Continue reading

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