Leveson’s Legacy: Beyond dusty tomes and 21st century buzzwords – Judith Townend

27 09 2012

The one thing I am determined not to do is to produce a document which simply sits on the second shelf of a professor of journalism’s study” Leveson LJ, 23 May 2012

Sustainability is not the same as Legacy. It is not,” says Kay “I really think that” Hope, the hard done-by Head of Sustainability in the BBC’s brilliant comedy series TwentyTwelve, an excruciating parody of Olympic events, many of which seemed to play out in real lifeRead the rest of this entry »

Ireland: High Court rules that bloggers can benefit from journalistic privilege – T J McIntyre

27 09 2012

There’s quite a lot to digest in the recent decision of Hogan J. in Cornec v. Morrice & Ors. Most of the judgment deals with wider issues in the protection of journalists’ sources, and unsurprisingly the media coverage so far tends to focus on this aspect. But reading the judgment, I was struck by the way in which it considered whether non-traditional media could also benefit from similar protections. In particular, it appears to be the first Irish judgment to consider the position of bloggers. Read the rest of this entry »