How should privacy injunctions be reported? – Judith Townend

10 09 2012

The recommended procedure and law around privacy injunctions “isn’t quite fit for purpose” according to Gideon Benaim, a partner at Michael Simkins LLP (formerly of Schillings), in an article published, in the Guardian (and reposted on Inforrm).   I would like to respond with a couple of questions/points. Read the rest of this entry »

Spinning in Australia, an indication of things to come when Leveson reports?

10 09 2012

As was noted this week on the Inforrm blog, the “War of Leveson’s Report” is already underway.  The leakers, briefers and spin doctors are firing the first shots – designed in part to gauge the strength of the opposition.  A similar war is being fought in Australia – which is some months ahead of us – and there are some interesting lessons to be learned.

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