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Day: 10 July 2012

Case Law, Court of Human Rights: Centro Europa 7 Srl v. Italy, Grand Chamber on Media Plurality

On 7 June 2012, in the case Centro Europa 7 S.r.l. and Di Stefano v. Italy (application no. 38433/09)([2012] ECHR 974), the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights re-affirmed the importance of media plurality under Article 10 of the Convention.   It held, by a majority, that the fact that an Italian TV company could not broadcast, having a license but no allocated broadcasting frequencies, was a breach of Article 10 (and of Article 1 of the First Protocol). Continue reading

Opinion: Leveson in practice – Richard Shillito

Before Lord Justice Leveson can begin to formulate a plan for the regulation of the press, one that meets the criteria he indicated that he favoured when addressing the Inquiry on 28 May 2012, he will have to have a hard look at some practical issues.

It is easy enough, and many have already tried, to put forward broad principles for reform, but a lot harder to devise a detailed, workable system. Continue reading

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