News: Cooper libel jury trial, claimant awarded £60,000

22 06 2012

The first libel jury trial for nearly 3 years has resulted in a victory for the claimant. After a five day trial a High Court jury unanimously found in favour of graduate student and part time university tutor Luke Cooper and awarded damages of £35,000 against the Evening Standard and £25,000 against the Daily Mail.  Read the rest of this entry »

A Note on the Defamation Bill, Part 2 – Alastair Mullis and Andrew Scott

22 06 2012

This is the second and concluding part of a Note on the Defamation Bill. The first part was published on Inforrm on 20 June 2012.

Clause 6: Privilege for Peer-reviewed Academic or Scientific Publication

We have serious reservations about clause 6 of the Bill which provides a form of qualified privilege to statements published in scientific or academic journals that have been subject to a peer review process. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: Trimingham v Associated Newspapers, no “harassment by newspaper” – Gervase de Wilde

22 06 2012

Harassment usually involves two individuals, the classic example being stalking but claims can, potentially cover a much wider range of activities. In Trimingham v Associated Newspapers Limited ([2012] EWHC 1296 (QB)), the claimant Carina Trimingham claimed that she had been harassed by a large number of articles in the Daily Mail in print and online, and by comments left by readers on the paper’s website. Read the rest of this entry »