Is Leveson ‘Fit and Proper’ to deal with Media Ownership: the response – Damian Tambini

14 06 2012

Following my post a couple of weeks ago, the Leveson Inquiry continues to struggle with its terms of reference and the particular question of whether it should make recommendations on media ownership. Leveson himself chose yesterday  (at 94-103 minutes) to ask Ed Miliband whether he could avoid making detailed recommendations on the controversial topic. The Judge, perhaps seeking political cover for a possible decision to duck the question of media ownership, sought to clarify the responsibility set for him by the terms of reference of the Inquiry. Read the rest of this entry »

Privacy in Germany: Snooping Social Networks to analyse creditworthiness – Natasha Kuilak Mellersh

14 06 2012

A German credit agency in is planning to analyse the creditworthiness of individuals by using information gathered from online sources such as Facebook and other social networking sites.

Schufa, Germany’s largest credit agency intends to assess peoples ability to make repayments by using ”crawling techniques,” such as those used by Google, for the purpose of “identifying and assessing the prospects and threats.” A spokesman for Schufa told Spiegel Online that “everything is happening within the legal frameworks in Germany.”

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