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Day: 12 June 2012

The use of social media by students to criticise their courses and teachers gives rise to difficult freedom of expression issues. The point has been considered by the courts in a number of jurisdictions, most recently in the Canadian case of Pridgen & Pridgen v University of Calgary ([2012] ABCA 139) which was recently decided by the Court of Appeal in Alberta. The Court held that the University infringed the freedom of expression rights of twin brothers who had been disciplined for criticising a professor on Facebook.

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Chinese Media Legislation and Regulation: Trends, Issues and Questions: A Conference

At this moment, the Chinese media are at a crossroads. Hitherto, media regulation had been primarily aimed at ensuring, in a top-down manner, that the ruling party’s message was spread to the population. This objective was supported by overall State ownership and control over media outlets, strict requirements over content, authority over personnel appointments and a tight punitive regime. In recent years, however, this picture has become more complex. Continue reading

Case Law: Levi v Bates, damages for harassment against Ken Bates and Leeds United [Updated]

The Leeds United Chairman, Ken Bates, has been ordered to pay damages of £10,000 to a Yorkshire businessman, Melvyn Levi.  Judgment was handed down on 7 June 2012 [PDF] by Judge Gosnell in the Leeds County after a four day trial in April 2012. The Judge also granted an injunction restraining Mr Bates from commenting on Mr and Mrs Levi’s private and personal life, for two years.  However, Mr Bates was allowed to mention the on-going commercial dispute between him and Mr Levi as well as other non-private matters. Continue reading

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