News: Bento, £125,000 damages for murder case libel claim man

1 06 2012

The boyfriend of a woman whose body was found in a lake six years ago has won £125,000 libel damages over a police claim that he probably killed her.

Amilton Bento, 31, sued Bedfordshire Police over a press release the force issued in July, 2009 about the case which started with the discovery in January, 2006, of the body of 26-year-old Kamila Garsztka in Priory Lake, Bedford, six weeks after Bento reported her missing.

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Case Law: Viagogo Ltd v Myles – investigative journalism and confidentiality – Gervase de Wilde

1 06 2012

The activities of investigative journalists can lead them into a legal minefield. This is especially the case where the investigation involves infiltrating a commercial organisation whose staff are bound by contracts of employment, and which may have a right to keep its commercial information confidential. Read the rest of this entry »