News: No charges over Operation Weeting “leaks” – journalism and the public interest

29 05 2012

The Crown Prosecution Service announced this morning that there will be no charges in relation to an allegation that an Operation Weeting police officer leaked confidential information to “Guardian” journalism Amelia Hill (pictured). Read the rest of this entry »

Comment: The Trouble with Tony – Brian Cathcart

29 05 2012

Straight back into the old groove he slipped, like he had never left it: Tony Blair’s presentational trick has always been that he does reasonable, and before the Leveson inquiry he was all reasonableness.

The papers are powerful and politicians have to take account of them: that’s only reasonable. Labour in 1997 had lost four elections in a row and didn’t want unnecessary enemies: also reasonable. Once in power it tried to put the best possible gloss on what it was doing: who wouldn’t? Read the rest of this entry »