“A Year in Media Law: the view from Australia” – Peter Bartlett

22 05 2012

This has been a challenging year for the media in Australia, with traditional business models thrown into turmoil by new media platforms. There was little cheer for the media on the legal side, either.

While there were not too many defamation claims that went to judgment in the last 12 months, the media did not do too well. Read the rest of this entry »

Procedure: The defamation costs budgeting scheme – ignore it at your peril: Keith Mathieson

22 05 2012

On 16 May 2012 the Senior Costs Judge gave judgment in a defamation case that has important implications for the future management of costs in defamation cases – and, quite possibly, costs budgeting schemes generally: Sylvia Henry v News Group Newspapers ([2012] EWHC 90218 (Costs)).

It is an unfortunate feature of defamation proceedings that more time may be spent arguing about legal costs than about the merits of the case. The costs of litigating are indeed frequently greater – far greater – than the damages the claimant gets to compensate him for the libel.

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