Sir Stephen Sedley proposes statutory media regulation

27 04 2012

The Leveson Inquiry has invited evidence and submissions from the public as well as from the Core participants.  Although not reported widely in the media, last October the recently retired Lord Justice of Appeal, Sir Stephen Sedley, made his own submission to the Leveson Inquiry. This is available on the Leveson Inquiry website [pdf].  In this submission, Sir Stephen proposes his own model of statutory regulation of the media. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: “Rupert Murdoch’s influence: the wink stops here” – Brian Cathcart

27 04 2012

rupert murdoch jeremy hunt puppets

Rupert Murdoch’s critics, watching him testify, were no doubt thinking: “The devious old bastard. He forgets so selectively and he dissembles so artfully.” And what were Murdoch’s many admirers thinking? Almost certainly the same thing.

You have to assume that his admirers don’t put their faith or money on the Rupert in plain view. Not only is he old (and age was an issue here, not least because it entitled him to gentler treatment), but at times he appeared genuinely muddled. (Did James Callaghan ever fight an election? Who won the 1992 election?). Read the rest of this entry »