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Day: 24 April 2012

Case Preview: Bento v Chief Constable of Bedfordshire – defending an allegation of murder – Gervase de Wilde

The trial of Amilton Bento’s libel claim against the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire begins at the High Court in London today before Bean J.  While the attempts of libel defendants to fight off claims by justifying what they have said often result in the claimant being put through the wringer at trial (the situation in the recent case of Cairns v Modi [2012] EWHC 756 (QB)), the defence here is at the extreme end of the spectrum: the meaning which the Defendant seeks to prove is that the Claimant, who does not currently stand convicted of any offence, is probably a murderer. Continue reading

Opinion: Legal and ethical issues for televising and tweeting court – Judith Townend

In the back bedroom the duvet was half off the bed and neatly folded clothing on the bed, a bathrobe on the floor too #spy #spook“, @JonClementsITV, crime correspondent, ITV News


We are long used to abridged sensitive or traumatic information in broadcast soundbites and scrolling news tickers, but court tweeting is still in its infancy as a medium, and can feel more intimate and immediate. Continue reading

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