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Day: 4 April 2012

Libel: News concerning the appeals in Ashcroft, Flood and Bento

There is news today in relation to three appeals in libel cases.  First, the Court of Appeal (Pill and Elias LJJ and Sharp J) handed down judgment in the case of Ashcroft v Foley ([2012] EWCA Civ 423).  This arises in a libel action against the “Independent”. The Court of Appeal unanimously dismissed the defendants’ appeals against orders of Eady J striking out defences of justification and fair comment and subsequently refusing permission to amend.  Continue reading

Leveson Round-Up: Over Cosy? The Leveson Love Triangle – Damian Tambini

Damian TambiniAs Module 2 of the Leveson Inquiry closes, attention will shift from the relationship between police and the press, to the module 3 topic: the relationship between politicians and the press. But the core concern, arguably, remains the same: is the relationship too cosy? Do the complex relationships of power and reciprocity between the press and other centres of power lead to corruption – if we define corruption as a replacement of an ethic oriented to the public interest with private, self-serving interests? Continue reading

News: Operation Motorman, the story that will not go away

Operation Motorman was the 2003 investigation into the illegal trade in personal information by the British Press. In April 2005, Steve Whittamore and John Boyall and two men who had given them access to the police computer, pleaded guilty to procuring confidential police data to sell to newspapers and were given conditional discharges.  The Information Commissioner’s report “What Price Privacy Now?” identified 32 different publications which were using the services of private investigators to obtain private information but no further regulatory or political action resulted. Continue reading

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