McNae’s: still essential, 21 editions later – Judith Townend

30 03 2012

A journalist with no formal legal training gave his name to the industry’s media law “bible”.

Leonard McNae, 1902-1996, wrote the first Essential Law for Journalists for the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), which was published as a book in 1954, replacing the NUJ’s The Pressman and the Law by G.F.L. Bridgman of the Middle Temple. Read the rest of this entry »

Press regulation on a sinking ship – Rosalind English

30 03 2012

It was coincidental that the cricket libel case, Cairns v Modi and Lady Justice Arden’s speech on media intrusion and human rights “Striking the Balance” came out on the same day. 

Non-followers of cricket and non-followers of Twitter are equally bemused by the vastly frothed story about match-fixing allegations, but this was the first social networking libel to hit the libel courts in this country. Read the rest of this entry »