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Day: 29 March 2012

Case Law: KC v MGN, an offer of amends assessment at the top of the scale

The father of “Baby P” was awarded compensation of £75,000 under the “offer of amends” procedure.  Judgment in the case of KC v MGN Ltd ([2012] EWHC 483 (QB)) was handed down on 5 March 2012.  Although the case was based on the publication of serious allegations the number of publishees was small and the award appears to be at the top of the scale.  The defendant made an unsuccessful application to the judge for permission to appeal. Continue reading

CCMR Media Regulation Proposal – A “News Publishing Commission”

The Co-ordinating Committee for Media Reform (“CCMR”) is a newly-formed umbrella organisation of advocacy groups, academics and individuals campaigning for meaningful reform of the UK media.  The CCMR recommends that a News Publishing Commission should be formed to replace the PCC. The commission’s composition and duties are described below. They would incorporate much of the existing good practice of the PCC as well as having additional responsibilities. Continue reading

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