A further hearing in the case of Contostavlos v Mendahun took place on Monday 26 March before Mr Justice Tugendhat.  The claim, brought by the singer and X-factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, arises out the internet publication of a “sex tape”.  In a You Tube video posted last week the singer accused her former boyfriend, Justin Edwards (aka MC Ultra)(pictured) of leaking the tape.  He has, however, now filed a witness statement denying responsibility and attended the hearing on Monday.

The Judge was told that Justin Edwards thought the posting of such material “ungentlemanly”.  Justin Edwards’ position was set out in a witness statement in which he said:

“I regret ever allowing the claimant to persuade me that we should film ourselves“.

He said Tulisa had persuaded him “that we should film ourselves“.

Desmond Browne QC, for Tulisa gave detail of Justin Edwards’ denials to the judge and said there was “clearly a substantial issue to be resolved“.  He said that Justin Edwards appeared to imply that the filming had taken place on Tulisa’s phone.

However, Mr Browne went on to say:

“She has been the victim of a vindictive act of betrayal by Mr Edwards, who was seemingly motivated by a toxic combination of personal spite and financial greed”.

He said that there was a substantial issue to be resolved in due course.

Mr Justice Tugendhat ordered that the injunction banning publication of the “sex tape” should continue.

There are news stories about the case in a number of publications including, the “Daily Mail”, the “Daily Telegraph“, the “Huffington Post” and “Digital Spy“.