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Day: 5 March 2012

Leveson Round-Up: The Press, The Police and Parliament – Damian Tambini

With Leveson in recess for most of the month, the action was outside the courtroom during February. Politicians such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove started to break ranks and signal their qualms about Leveson and the police inquiries, whilst a small band of politicians – those with the deepest scars from press intrusion such as Chris Bryant, Tom Watson and Simon Hughes, carry the torch for the reform process. Most of their colleagues are keeping their heads down. Continue reading

Law and Media Round Up – 5 March 2012

On Sunday it was reported that the Scottish lawyer Paul McBride QC, 47, has died in his sleep on a visit to Pakistan. At age 35, he was appointed the youngest ever QC in the UK. Last year he represented Gail Sheridan, who was acquitted of perjury. Two men are currently on trial at the high court in Glasgow accused of conspiring to murder McBride, the Celtic football club manager Neil Lennon and former MSP Trish Godman by sending improvised explosive devices to them in 2011. The defendants all deny all charges against them. STV has a report on McBride’s death here. Continue reading

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