News: Hacked Off and Media Standards Trust host debate in the House of Commons

1 03 2012

The future of press regulation must be swift and cheap for the public, several parties have agreed in a debate at the House of Commons.

Hugh Tomlinson QC and former FIA president Max Mosley put forward proposed regulatory systems to an assembled audience at a Hacked Off and Media Standards Trust event last night. Read the rest of this entry »

The triple betrayal of Jacqui Hames – Martin Moore

1 03 2012

Jacqui Hames’ triple betrayal by the police and the press offers a glimpse of just how murky, messy and malign the relationship between the Metropolitan Police and News International became.

Hames was, for over 30 years, a police officer in the Metropolitan Police (“the Met”). Her ex-husband David Cook was a detective chief superintendant in the Met. Read the rest of this entry »

Wikileaks: Lessons for Press Policy and Regulation – Charlie Beckett

1 03 2012

WikiLeaks has achieved the publication of the biggest leak of confidential information in journalism history. The Afghan, Iraq, and Diplomatic cable disclosures were on an unprecedented scale and extent. While the information they contained was not of the highest security classification it did provide the evidence for an extensive, varied and detailed critique of American military actions and foreign policy. Read the rest of this entry »