News Media and “New Media” – New Zealand Law Commission Consultation on Regulation

28 02 2012

The Law Commission of New Zealand is undertaking a review of the current regulatory regime for news media with respect to its adequacy in catering for new and emerging forms of news media – sometimes referred to as the “new media”.  It published a comprehensive “Issues Paper” [Word] for consultation on 12 December 2011.  Responses are required by 12 March 2012 and can be made online. Read the rest of this entry »

A load of hype? The phone hacking scandal may be bigger than we thought – Brian Cathcart

28 02 2012

Yesterday was a day of breathtaking Leveson revelations. Here is one: on or just before 16 September 2006 Rebekah Brooks received a phone call from a police officer who briefed her at length about the phone hacking investigation then under way.

By that time (although they would insist otherwise for years) the Metropolitan Police already knew that hacking had been conducted on an industrial scale and that several News of the World staff were probably involved, but Brooks was assured in that call that only one reporter would be prosecuted and that her company would not be troubled further. Read the rest of this entry »

Freedom of the press and statutory regulation – lessons from Finland?

28 02 2012

The “Reporters without Borders” latest “Worldwide Press Freedom Index” for 2011-2012” has been referred to in the press on a number of occasions recently – and we had a post about Trevor Kavanagh’s reliance on it.   Another interesting point which emerges from this Index concerns the joint number 1 country, Finland.   As a number of commentators have pointed out Finland has – in common with a number of other highly ranked countries – a system of self-regulation for the press (see, for example, this post on  It is, however, interesting to note that Finland also has a statutory framework for the exercise of freedom of expression by the media.  Read the rest of this entry »